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Welcome back to and our newly renovated Liesel Matthews website. Everytime we create a website for the first time or go back and update one it has been a tradition to include my thoughts especially one some of our first sites that have molded the foundation of

First I'd like to thank all of you who have stayed loyal and faithful to Liesel Matthews (QOTS) site and to over the last few years. It amazes me at how many keep coming back to get information or just look at the pictures. Sadly there really is not a whole lot of new things or information about Liesel that we can find to add here, but look around you will see some new stuff. We hope you enjoy the new look and feel of our Liesel Matthews site and can find everything you need or want.

What you will not find here is anything pertaining to Liesel's personal life. We will not spread the news of her lawsuits and family issues on this site. We still hope as we have over the years that Liesel will notice this site and give us an exclusive interview, not about her life but about her acting and movies she's done and hopefully plans to do. Right now we do know that she is in college.

This is for all of you who love and watch and respect Ms. Liesel Matthews. I know she appreciates your support, prayers, care and concerns. ~ Jason (November 29, 2003)

1998-2002 Thoughts by Jason: Well as you all know the movie Liesel shot in the summer of 98, Physical Graffiti, has been shelved at this point and time.  I guess they didn't think it had enough to make a profit.... Anyhow... you've all read the interviews on the web.  We would really like to sit down with Liesel and get the real scoop on her professional side and help her maintain her privacy in a special way.  I appreciate your loyal support to this site.  I can not find words to describe how much I appreicate it!  You guys are the best!!!! 

Liesel, if you ever come by and read this I hope you enjoy the site and feel that it does you justice as a person not as a thing to be flaunted.  Well, as much as it possibly can since we really don't know who you are.  I just tried to see behind the acting and read between the lines and present you as a real person with feelings, fears, emotions, pain, hurts, just like anyone else... Forgive my grammer and spelling etc... I'm not too bright when it comes to stuff like that but I too just want the fans of to know that I am just a real person.  Although I rarely reply to you guys email and guestbook sigs, I do read a lot of them and appreciate you taking the time to not only stop by but let us know what you think!

To all of you I wish you the best at life and if Liesel ever does another movie or becomes more public then this site will be updated but until then this is the last update you will see.... I hope you enjoy it and once again let me just say how much I appreciate you guys!!*