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Her birthday is March 14, 1985
She lives with her 16 year old brother (Matthew), her mother (Irene Pritzker) and her stepfather (James Bagley), who is a lawyer.
Her real father is Robert Pritzker, one of the wealthiest men in Chicago. He owns the Hayatt Hotel chain.
Liesel got the stage name, "Matthews," from her brother Matthew. Her parents wanted their family out of the press.
Liesel lives in the suburb Kenilworth, IL. Shegoes to the Joseph Sears School there.
She can speak some Spanish because she takes a spanish class at school.
She likes to write poetry
(I used to have one of her poems that she sent me, but it got deleted.)

She loves the sunrise because she said, and Iactually saved the quote:
"it's the beginning, the genesis of the day, of time. The world started with the sun rising."

One of her favorite musical artists is Hendrix.
Her favorite cartoon is Daffy Duck.
She likes to run track in the Spring. She hates long distance, but likes to sprint and do the long jump.
She became certified in scuba diving in Hawaii
and loves doing that.