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She was born
March 14, 1984
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Let me just start by telling you how great all you guys are.   Faithfully stopping by for over a year now to check up on Liesel.  I have been trying to find a webmaster to manage this site but it is hard to find one that I can just let be and feel confident that they will do an incredible justice to this lovely young lady.

So.. FINALLY is what your saying....right?  I am sorry I just have no time anymore to keep this site updated and since there isn't alot of new information I wanted to give my other fans their updated information.

She was born in 1984, Illinois, USA. She is now 15 years old (as of 02/00) and can already light up the screen. Her Uncle is Hyatt Hotel chain founder Jay Pritzker.

As I just said, not a lot has changed.  Liesel has been in a few plays in Chicago but very low key and private in everyway.  I think that is what keeps everyone in suspense of the new movie that has been shelved for the moment.  And yes it may never actually make it to the market just like Molly never ended up at the Cinemas and may never even get released on video. 


I hope you enjoy the new look and feel.  Be sure and see the all NEW Multimedia page! A few changes have been made but please let me know if you know someone who would like to be the webmaster and would like to move into   Remember, not just anyone can do it! =)

"The script for 'A Little Princess' made me cry," says Liesel Matthews. Taken from the Interview which you can now read right here - A Little Princess with Liesel (Used with permission).

Just as an added note... I do not love liesel or anything like that.  I simply think she is a profound actress and would probably be a great person to know.  I think she is absolutely beautiful, but that is not why I think she would be a great person to know.  She seems to have an enter glow and her eyes just sparkle and I see something there that is probably an amazing, but you would only know if it's there or what it is about her unless you knew her personally.  One of her friends contacted me once but I accidentally deleted their email address and never got the privilege of talking with them.  I have your name and hope that if you know who you are and stop by, I hope you will forgive me and contact me again. 

Well gang that is it from me.  I hope you enjoy the new look and feel and if you have any additional information you'd like to share with the us.    Be sure and see the top left side of the page to see available options.

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