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BIO: '...One imagines the fast flicker of amusement in Liesel's championed eyes....'
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Getting Personal Cont...
Real name:


-  Liesel (undisclosed)  Thoughts
Date of birth:
March 14 1984
Place of birth:
-   Chicago, Illinois, USA.
Currently lives in:
-   Illinois.
Irene   ... mother
Matthew ... brother
-  Robert ... father
-  James... stepfather
Jay   ... uncle
Played in:
-  Physical Graffiti (1999) ... Ears
Air Force One (1997) ... Alice Marshall
A Little Princess (1995) ... Sara Crewe
-   Liesel Matthews at IMDb


~ Some Thought from Jason ~


Well as you all know the movie Liesel shot in the summer of 98, Physical Graffiti, has been shelved at this point and time.  I guess they didn't think it had enough to make a profit.... Anyhow... you've all read the interviews on the web.  We would really like to sit down with Liesel and get the real scoop on her professional side and help her maintain her privacy in a special way.  I appreciate your loyal support to this site.  I can not find words to describe how much I appreicate it!  You guys are the best!!!! 

Liesel, if you ever come by and read this I hope you enjoy the site and feel that it does you justice as a person not as a thing to be flaunted.  Well, as much as it possibly can since we really don't know who you are.  I just tried to see behind the acting and read between the lines and present you as a real person with feelings, fears, emotions, pain, hurts, just like anyone else... Forgive my grammer and spelling etc... I'm not too bright when it comes to stuff like that but I too just want the fans of to know that I am just a real person.  Although I rarely reply to you guys email and guestbook sigs, I do read a lot of them and appreciate you taking the time to not only stop by but let us know what you think!

To all of you I wish you the best at life and if Liesel ever does another movie or becomes more public then this site will be updated but until then this is the last update you will see.... I hope you enjoy it and once again let me just say how much I appreciate you guys!!*

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The Biography

by Eric Bus


Liesel A. Pritzker-Bagley (her true name), the startling actress who performed in A Little Princess and Air Force One, was born in Chicago on 14 March 1984 to Irene D. Pritzker and Robert A. Pritzker. A diverse Piscean, acting comes excitingly natural for this golden starlet. Living on the 15th floor of her condominium, she must have woken to find the sun sliding up over the city's hectic haze as an invitation from Apollo to harness the warmth, spark, and poetic vigour of its rising - her favourite time of day. Her brother, Matthew, was born 2 years earlier and seems (in all candid sincerety) to have had little interest in the academics. He did, however, own a pet dog which, for the comforting excuse of having quashed mental capabilites, failed to recognize its true master as it rather lapped the feeding arms of the maid instead. Liesel, again, desired a cuddlier pet companion, a ferret. 

Liesel has a step-sister, Karen, who then lived in New York City. Both Matthew and Liesel would apparently board their father's private jet for a rare visit. American family value was upheld by their father since he once cooked a meal with his children without any assistance at all from the maid. Mr. Pritzker's family duty brought him to see The Little Mermaid five times as well. (One imagines the fast flicker of amusement in Liesel's championed eyes.) Matthew, however, with certain restraints on his attentive capability and anomalies of gastral disruptions and sudden nausea and rampant headaches and failing grades found the notion of a movie-theatre after dinner a very complex one indeed. As all human beings are born equal, though, (in America, at least) both sibblings would go together for bicycle rides with their father. 

The state of Illinois in the States, is in a state of a profound number of stated divorce statements. Truly consitutionally, man is a free man. And if he has the liberty to sign a contract, he must be, in all fairness, be able to exercise his freedom and break any contract as well. As in just pattern, Liesel's parents divorced in 1989. Liesel moved to Kenilworth with her mother. Things became Tide-commercial happier. 

Liesel now had a step-father, Mr. James J. Bagley. Why Liesel is occasionally accredited with a torn 'e' as in 'Bagly' may well have been a slip of an attorey's defining pen, but to dwell on the fine points of American litigation would force us to, perhaps, kill our zed and eat hawt dawgs - a dawn yawning matter for sure. But for aliens to realize how important this is for consitutional clarity, Mr. Pritzker threatened to sue Warner Brothers (a large movie producer which has Once Upon A Time In America in its repertoire) if they failed to use 'Pritzker' as her screen name. To sum things up, something happened. ( 1998 by Eric Bus.)

*NOTE: Eric Bus is the author of the well known website 'The Unofficial Liesel Matthews Homepage'.  He alound us to use this back in late 1998 and just wanted to make sure that he got credit for every word.  Brilliant writter and very good webdesigner! Thanks be sure to check out this site...


Getting Personal Cont...