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FLASH BACK: "Air Force One" was #1 in Rentals April 1998, Video Sales May 1998
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BUDDING ACTRESS Liesel Matthews, daughter of Robert and Irene, proved she can play a president's daughter as well as Chelsea! In the box-office hit ``Air Force One,'' lovely Liesel has the demanding role of acting frightened, sweet and touchingly strong as daddy, Harrison Ford, fights off 

Directed by

Writing credits

Genre: Thriller / Action

Wolfgang Petersen

Andrew W. Marlowe

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The bad guys vowing to kill her and her mom. It was Liesel's success in another flick, ``A Little Princess,'' that showed she could emote with the best of them. At the premiere of the action movie, held at the Museum of Science and Industry to benefit the Center for Excellence in Education, Miss Matthews was a fine role model -- she's a top student.
Air Force One was a smash hit at the Box Office and was Harrison Ford's best movies yet! Action, Romance, and Drama scattered across the screen asPlease feel free to use! the Presidents plane is hi-jacked by Russian terrorist. The movie is full of things our president in real life should be, like values and morals!  I hope you enjoy the few pics I have of AFO and will check out The Guide (Look in the Starz section) for links to more pics and info on Liesel Matthews. Also I hope you will visit A Little Princess and Her Life.  Please be sure and sign my GuestBook as well! Thanx for visiting and come back soon! Be sure to look at the new The Liesel Gallery
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