Personal with Liesel Matthews

-Her birthday is March 14, 1985.

-She lives with her 16 year old brother
(Matthew), her mother (Irene Pritzker)
and her stepfather (James Bagley), who is a lawyer.

-Her real father is Robert Pritzker, one of the wealthiest men in Chicago. He
owns the Hayatt Hotel chain.

-Liesel got the stage name, "Matthews," from her
brother Matthew. Her parents wanted their family out of the press.

-Liesel lives in the suburb Kenilworth, IL. Shegoes to the Joseph Sears
School there.

-She can speak some Spanish because she takes a
spanish class at school.

-She likes to write poetry
(I used to have one of her poems that she sent me, but it got deleted.)

-She loves the sunrise because she said, and Iactually saved the quote,

"it's the beginning, the genesis of the day, of time. The world started with the sun rising."

-One of her favorite musical artists is Hendrix.

-Her favorite cartoon is Daffy Duck.

-She likes to run track in the Spring. She hates long distance, but likes to
sprint and do the long jump.

-She became certified in scuba diving in Hawaii
and loves doing that.