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Welcome to the new gallery for our Liesel Matthews site. We are bringing back some EXCLUSIVE photos that are fully copyrighted and seen first here and taken away in our last addtion because people were using them without permission, but now for the first time in three years you will have the original full gallery presented by & JWEI in 1997.

We have updated the pictures to be of better quality and designed a new navigation system to help you see the pictures that is best for you and your connection. We hope you find what you are looking for and get it fast and easy.

Thank you for your faithful support. This new design is for you. We wish we could bring you new information and pictures from a new movie but right now we are bringing you everything that is available about Ms. Matthews. I hope you will let us know what you think about our new look and new gallery. You can always look to the right of the header to see navigation for the page if there is any. Enjoy the Air Force One, A Little Princess, and the new More gallery exclusively from, JWEI, and Wild River Design and The Liesel Matthews (Queen of the Screen) website. You Asked... We're Listening!

last updated: 08/31/07